Wednesday, April 20, 2011

winning roulette strategy

I have a winning roulette strategy for you to use Free
Lets get some thing straight first, I did not over hear this winning roulette system from some one who was dying.

This has not been a secret that I am finally going to share with the world.
The winning strategy roulette plan 
I have was not something I got for an amazing large amount of money, & will only share with a select few.
This roulette winning strategy is not going to cost you any money at all.
The winning roulette systems that I will show you are free.

This is not a free online roulette winning system that you can get off the Internet in one easy search.
But what it is, is a well thought out winning roulette strategy that makes perfect sense.

This winning Roulette strategy will not let you win every time. It's not a magic pill it has as it should a chance for the casino to win, there must always be a chance of losing or you are just kidding yourself. You will not lose chips every bet this winning roulette strategy has been designed so you do not lose every spin and then have to get it back from your wins.

You make decisions on where you will bet on the roulette table, but most importantly where the safe places for your bad numbers are.
You can decide not to bet on a game or 2 this roulette system is all about getting the probability on your side.
Did you know that where the ball landed last is a place that I have found it only comes back to a small amount of the time, yes I know sometimes the ball stays in one section but most of the time it goes away from where it landed last, you just have to decide which it is doing now.
The casino wins because of the extra number it has on it's side we are going to change that so You are going to have 6 numbers on your side and 5 numbers against you.

The main winning roulette strategy you have to learn is where the roulette ball is NOT going to go, we are only talking a 2-3 number section, once you can master that you are going to have a great advantage over the roulette table & the casino.

But don't think you will just walk up to the roulette table and win big then walk away.
There are going to be times when it is easy and times when you have to be patient remember this all comes down to which set of numbers come up more, even though you have the advantage it just won't be easy every time if it was then this winning roulette system would have a big floor in it.
You have to be realistic, there are no free lunches there must be something that at some stage makes it hard to win or you have over looked some thing.

Now play this video
Now don't think for one minute that you can just go out to the casino and win NO NO NO you must understand what can make you lose what you are no good at you must practice and have great self control.

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